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Save the date for the BHRA's local conference!
This is our first conference in over 10 years! It will be a half-day session with some dynamic speakers and information. Be sure to sign up via our Events page! 

Immigration Announcement!
Minister of Home Affairs, Walton Brown, has advised that police checks must be submitted with work permit applications immediately. For more information, visit our BHRA News page.

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SPHR Certification

Nancy Newell, SPHR, HR Executive, and a certified instructor, discusses the evolution of the HR profession and her belief that the competency-based examination is critical to the continued development of the HR profession.

Successful Hiring Practices

Google VP Operations, Liane Hornsey talks to MeetTheBoss about HR best practice and how to succesfully hire staff whilst maintaining high levels of personnel quality. “My problem is I hire brilliant people. So 95-99 percent of my people are high talent. They really, really are. The people here are good. So we don’t use traditional […]

Focus on HR

IN THIS EPISODE: Who are your best leaders and performers? And why is workplace flexibility so vital to them—and your business? For additional videos and resources referred to in this episode please visit: and check out the “Related Links” section.

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